90’s hair trends are making a comeback.

Col Ellison

Posted on March 05 2018

90’s hair trends are making a comeback.
#Headbands & claw clips.

NYFW outfits on the runway were so stylish not everyone could pull them off, the hair trends however looked familiar.


Designers like Alexander Wang and Michael Kors are bringing back simple yet sleek hairstyles, that the everyday girl can do. Yassss!


Open your accessory drawers girls, as you may already own the essentials that these designers are using. These essentials are major TB’S! You may not wear them on your girls night out but you defo wear them whilst chillin’ around your house. Banana clips, thick headbands and stretchy hair combs – these are just drugstore accessories to keep your hair out of your face and now part of this seasons stylish hair trends. Take your hands out your purses girls, you already got this.


Don’t believe us? Check this out!


Baldwin   Baldwin runway

Lets start with Baldwin.

(Zadig and Voltaire Runway 2018)

Wearing several rhinostone hair pins as a hair accessory.


Gigi Hadid.

  (Prabel Gurung FW 2018 runway show)

   Sleek bun with a stretchy headband.


   Bella Hadid.

   (Michael Kors Runway 2018)

   Letting her hair down but keep the fringe away with a detailed      barrette clip.


Written by Hannah Musselwhite

Instagram @hannahmusselwhit

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