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Col Ellison

Posted on March 11 2018

Woken’up and not feelin so good? Few too many shots last night?
Don’t worry babygirl, we got you covered.
  1. We know your’re still wearing last nights make up! You don’t want to start the day with bad skin. Get your make up wipes out and let your skin breathe.


Video of woman drinking water


  1. H20

grab a 2 litre bottle of water and down it hunny, and keep another one on your bedside.


Julia Roberts in the bath tub


run a long, hot bath, chuck in a bath bomb, coconut milk, bath salts, essential oils,
whatever your fave remedy is, you're gonna need it. soak and relax!
women drinking a bottle of coke
  1. FIZZY

it's actually proven that a fizzy drink can cure a hangover. forget your diet today, it ain't

happening. some soda is gonna be your pick-me-up and will sort you out in your time of need.


Actor eating a burger


  1. MUNCH

do i hear take-out? yes you do. grab your phone, open your go-to food delivery app and pick

your fave greasy guilty pleasure. you deserve it today. you may be extra hungry so don't

be shy and order for two. and don't forget the sides!


Friends on the couch



you may have woken up a couple of hours ago, yes... but, a nap is always a good shout.

this is the perfect excuse to be lazy and snooze all day. zzzz


Man laughing and clapping


"this is the worst hangover ever, i'm never drinking again".


Written by Hannah Musselwhite

Instagram @hannahmusselwhite


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