How To Get The Perfect Brow

                                                           shaped brow with gold shadow and thick winged liner

Brows have become the new obsession; we are obsessed with the perfect shape and brow highlight. They make any make-up look and if done right make your face look flawless. If wrong, people will notice! Don’t be known for the bad brows, boss that brow girl.


 Here’s how you do it in less than 5 minutes…



Get to know your brow. With an eyebrow pencil, acknowledge the top of your brow to the side of your brow.



Fill that brow. Use either your pencil, or brow brush with dip, apply small short strokes lightly filling in your brow. Don’t use a shade too dark, or it will look too dark.


shaped brow with green eyeshadow and thick winged liner



Give some shape to that brow. Use your brow tool, either a pencil or an angled brow brush and create that perfect brow line at the top and bottom of your brow, remembering to create that perfect point of the side of your brow.



And blend. Use a spoolie brush and make short strokes blending your pencil into your eyebrow hair, in the upwards motion.



Keep the perfect brow. Use a clear brow gel to brush over your brow to keep the brow in shape.



Add more shape. To emphasise the brow and give a better shape, use your concealer brush and create an under line under your brow.



Highlight that brow girl. Use any highlight with a small stroke brush on top of your concealer line, delicately. Do not over power the highlight.


shaped brow with brown shadow and thick winged liner with glitter overlay

The final brow is complete. Here’s some browspo.


                                                              Written by Hannah Musselwhite
                                                             Instagram @hannahmusselwhite