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Posted on May 07 2018

Wanna get that famous J'LO glow?
We’ve been teased for the last month now, c’mon…
At first, there were rumours that it was just a bronzer JLO was droppin’,
but don't worry hun.. it's a collection with over 80 products.
This is a collab with the makeup brand Inglot and is such a good opportunity for her.
“filled with all my go-to products in my favourite colours”,
lopez says, “we have everything from mascara, lipsticks, eyelashes, blush,
eye shadow and of course…bronzers.
we are so ready to get our glow on!
Her main focus of the range was to have that famous JLO beauty look,
shades of nude, glow skin and smoky glam.
JLO isn’t just a hot mama, she has an amazing style and is a massive beauty influencer.
Having worked with the best and biggest beauty brands in the business,
she knows what us girls want from a product!


Here’s JLO's personal fave makeup looks since day one. What’s yours?


jlo with hairstyle  jlo with hairstyle  

jlo with hairstyle  jlo with hairstyle

jlo with hairstyle  jlo with hairstyle

Apparently, jenny has been closely involved
in the process of making her range from the start she wanted every detail of the range to be perfect, from packaging, shades, the campaign, and right down to product names!
Rumored names we’ve heard are, 'boogie down bronze' and 'living the highlight'.
We totally dig these!
HOLD UP. We need to fill you in with the best product of the collection,
the eyeshadow palette. Not just any standard palette, but you can create your own personalized combo choosing which shades speak to you the most from the collection. So basically your creating your own kit, so ideal.
This way you don't have to buy a whole new palette to get that one shade you really like. Cheers, JLO.
The range drops on the 26th, get your browser at the ready.
We can’t wait to glow like JLO.
 Written by Hannah Musselwhite

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