Keeping up with Coachella!

Summer is around the corner, which means… Festival season is here!
Here’s a badass beauty look that is reppin’ Hollywood.  They call it the ‘mermaid look’.
This look features a bold eye statement, bringing in the coloured shadows and the coloured liner.
Here’s Kendall pulling off this 2017 desert beauty look.
Our girl Kendall slaying as always!

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Celeb make-up artist Laci Hill uses shimmery vibes from Kat Von D’s Metal Matte Eyeshadow Palette, but all summer shades work perfectly!
"It's not about matching colors; contrast is key”.
“To achieve that unicorn-mermaid look, mix it up like we did here with mismatched shades of blue, green and purple,". She shares 3-5 shadows are the perfect amount! Start from the corner of your eye and work your way out. Pro tip: Leave the top lid totally bare to let the bottom lash line shine. "If you feel really attached to eyeliner, you can do a thin black line along the top, but that's really all you need,".
Here’s some more inspo!
beauty, inspo, blog, coachella        coachella, beauty, blog, inspo
             beauty, inspo, blog, coachella, festival


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Written by Hannah Musselwhite