KKW Beauty
Kim Kardashian West has just brought out a contour kit, in different shades to fit all skin types at $48 each. She can’t let her younger sister Kylie outdo her right?
Kim launched her make up line on Wednesday at noon, and in just three hours all 300,000 units were sold out! Bringing in an estimated value of just over $14 million.
So if you want one...its too late!
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So… lets get to the kits! The kit is a crème contour with a highlighter to achieve the contour look, which is such a current trend at the moment. The kit comes in four different shades; light, medium, dark and deep dark. It also includes a contour pen; highlight pen and a double blending brush.
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The major sell out just shows the success of the Kardashians and the impact they have on females around the world when it comes to make up.
Kim also shows off the collection by a 5 minute tutorial on her KKW BEAUTY Instagram page and her personal profile. Check it out!
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We also saw sneak peaks of her beauty event on her snapchat, revealing a mirrored room with a flower ceiling, we are obsessed! Kim wore a simple white Bardot dress with a wet look hairstyle. Famous faces were at the event, such as JustNic from WAGS. Ultimate girl squad. We didn’t actually see any support from her sisters, girls- where you at?
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Kim has already raked $45 million in the last year, not jealous at all (eye roll emoji)
What’s next for KKW BEAUTY?
Kim says,
“A lot of my stuff is going to be for skin… It’s going to be a different vibe; it’s not going to be a full colour cosmetics range with shadows and all of that to start.”
So keep your eyes peeled and get in quick!
Written by Hannah Musselwhite https://www.instagram.com/hannahmusselwhite/