Kylie & Kim lipstick collab.
It would’t be a Kim collab without any nudes, right?
Kim Kardashian is so into nude shes right now, you won’t see anything else on her lips.
Kylie Jenner has brought out a new collection collab-ing with her sister Kim. She posted a video ad showing them “twinning”. They both revealed many teasers on their snap stories awaiting the surprise of the collection.
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kim kardashian, kylie jenner, lip kit, beauty, collab, lip kit, kuwtk
The Shades:


Kiki: Pinky Nude

Kim: Peachy Nude

Kimmie: Deep Nude

Kimberly: True Nude
Kylie writes, “Love this formula so much and how authentic it is to Kim”.
Here’s some behind the scenes snaps with famous makeup artist ‘MakeupbyMario’..
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kim kardashian, behind the scenes, beauty, blog, mirror image, make up, mua,
This collab follows up her last collab with other sister Khloe, in the KoKo collection.
Who will she collab with next? Kendall or Kourtney…
kim kardashian, kylie jenner, beauty, blog, collab, lip kit
Hannah Musselwhite