So we’ve all heard the rumours about Kylie Jenner being pregnant with boyfriend Travis Scott. These rumours have revealed that she is 4-5 months pregnant, but mother Kris Jenner says. ‘Kylie is not confirming anything’.
Since all the allegations, reports and rumours have got out of control and her social media accounts are being spammed with pregnancy comments. Not one member of the family has confirmed or denied anything on this matter.
Fans can’t but help speculate the situation and have noticed her recent Instagram posts have been throwbacks (#tbt) making sure no-one suspects a thing. One post at the end of September showed Kylie resting her hand on her belly, this got the fans suspecting. Fans have also realised that in most of her Snapchats she has been wearing baggy tee’s and trackies to hide a ‘bump’. Interesting.
kylie jenner and friends        kylie with partner with bump

Kim Kardashian is also expecting her third baby in January 2018, as well as more rumours suggesting Khloe is also pregnant.


Pregnancy pact?

Could it be that all three sisters planned to get pregnant at the same time?

Oh come on, they wouldn’t want to take the lime light off their sisters, right? (sigh)


Written by Hannah Musselwhite
Instagram @hannahmusselwhite
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