Col Ellison

Posted on February 05 2018




let’s take a moment of silence for this one jar that has saved our lives.
whether you eat it from the jar with a spoon. Guilty?
Want to get creative with Nutella?
Strawberry Nutella French toast roll-ups. No comment.
Nutella Pancakes covered in strawberries

Chocolate Nutella lava cookies. Gimme.

Nutella cookies filled with a chocolate centre

Nutella stuffed cinnamon sugar doughnut holes. Really?!?

Nutella filled doughnut holes   Nutella and Cinnamon Doughnut Holes

Nutella ‘freakshake’ hot chocolate. Come on, are you serious

Nutella shake covered in sauce and chocolate and sweet treats

Nutella a day to keep the abs away.
It’s not even summer yet we still have time (scoff)
Written by Hannah Musselwhite
Instagram @hannahmusselwhite

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